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Opus-tools 0.2

About Opus & Opus-tools

Opus is an open, royalty-free, highly efficient and versatile lossy audio codec.

The Opus encoder is more efficient than Vorbis and Speex and much more efficient than AAC and MP3 encoders. This encoder is perfect for encoding music as well as human speech (e.g. audiobooks).

Opus-tools is a set of three console programs:

  • opusenc.exe – opus encoder
  • opusdec.exe – opus decoder
  • opusinfo.exe – information tool

The input format for the Opus encoder can be Wave, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg/FLAC, or raw PCM. If you want to convert other audio files (e.g. MP3, M4A) to Opus format, you can use ffmpeg or my free Audio Extractor.


Basic usage

Convert the WAV file to Opus using bitrate = 128 kbit/s (high quality):
opusenc --bitrate 128 file.wav output_file.opus

Very high encoding quality of the music file:
opusenc --music --bitrate 256 file.wav output_file.opus

Good quality audio book encoding:
opusenc --speech --cvbr --bitrate 40 file.wav output_file.opus

Decode Opus file to WAV:
opusdec file.opus output_file.wav

Play Opus file:
opusdec file.opus

Compilation info

Cross-compiled on Xubuntu 20.04
libopusenc 0.2.1
libopus 1.3.1
opusfile 0.12
GCC version: 10.1.0
jp, 2020.08.08