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GUID Generator is a simple program that generates any number of GUIDs – Globally Unique Identifiers – that can be saved to a text file or copied to the clipboard.

The program is available in two versions: as windows GUI application (GuidGenW.exe) and console application (GuidGen.exe) that runs from the command line.

Both applications are standalone executables and do not require installation of any additional runtime libraries, frameworks, etc. Moreover, they are completely portable, do not use the Windows registry and do not change any system settings.

GUID is a 16 byte (128-bit) value usually presented as a sequence of hexadecimal numbers, divided by hyphens into five groups:

Group 1: 32 bits (4 bytes)
Group 2: 16 bits (2 bytes)
Group 3: 16 bits
Group 4: 16 bits
Group 5: 48 bits (6 bytes)

Example: 7C6C252B-4426-4DAD-A3DA-1FA8F26C442D

GUID is a 128-bit value, so there are 2128 (340 282 366 920 938 463 463 374 607 431 768 211 456) possible combinations.

The possibility of generate two identical GUIDs is so small that they are commonly used as identifiers of the various important resources: operating system objects (CLSID, IID), unique keys in database tables, disk partitions (GPT) and many more.

If you need a very strong password, GUID is a good candidate.


The most important features

  • Generating GUIDs in 19 different formats.
  • Ability to add your own prefix and suffix to generated identifiers.
  • Possibility to copy generated GUIDs to the clipboard.
  • Ability to save all or selected identifiers to a text file.
  • Very simple and intuitive interface.
  • The small size and high speed: generating 100 000 GUIDs on the 5-year old computer takes less than 0.5 seconds.
  • Both versions (GUI and console) support a large number of parameters passed on the command line, which allows you to automate the program.
  • The program comes with a detailed help file.
  • Built-in multi-language support mechanism based on INI text files with UTF-8 encoding. To write subsequent language versions, an ordinary text editor is sufficient, eg. the system Notepad.
  • Portability. All settings are stored with one INI file located in the application directory, so the program can be run from portable drives. The console version does not use any files.

How to uninstall?

GUID Generator application is distributed in the form of archive and does not require any special uninstall process. To uninstall it, just delete files previously extracted from the archive.

End User License Agreement

This program is completely free. You can use it without any restrictions, also for commercial purposes.


Version 1.1 (2021.02.08)

  • From now the program is also available in a 64-bit version.
  • Added mechanism to support multiple languages based on INI files.
  • In the previous version, the first 16-digit digit of the D3 field of the GUID structure in all generated IDs was 4 (for compatibility with CoCreateGuid function). In the current version it is optional and disabled by default.
  • Polish translation.
  • Minor changes to the program interface.

Version 1.0 (2017.01.23)

Initial release.

Previous versions

GUID Generator 1.0 32-bit
Release date: 2017.01.23
File size: 735.8 KB
SHA-256 checksum: 5bb54026d64bfc2bd13fc52118d8ea2dc835d1703d8867dd2c642c8c486cee02