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Chinese (simplified), English, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovenian
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10



PSGen is a small program that allows you to generate any number of passwords based on user-defined criteria.

The program works by randomly selecting characters from user-selected character sets. The program comes with several sets of the most commonly used characters, but the user can create their own character sets and edit existing ones.

The program can generate 100,000 passwords at a time. If you need more passwords, simply set the number of passwords to the maximum value and click the button (or the key) several times.

Passwords generated by the program can be copied to the clipboard and saved to a text file.

In addition to defining the set of characters of which the generated passwords will be composed, the user also has the option of specifying the characters and strings that the generated passwords cannot contain (on the Exclusions panel).

Program settings can be saved to an INI file and loaded at any time (appropriate commands are available in the File menu).

The program is portable – configuration is saved in one INI file, the program does not use the system registry at all, does not change any system settings and does not require installation of any additional libraries\frameworks.


The most important features

  • Generating passwords based on user-defined criteria.
  • The ability to create and edit character sets from which passwords will be created.
  • The ability to define characters and strings that passwords cannot contain.
  • Possibility to copy selected or all generated passwords to the clipboard.
  • The ability to save selected or all generated passwords to a text file.
  • Optional automatic saving of generated passwords to the file passwords.txt.
  • Optional automatic copying of the first generated password to the clipboard.
  • Filtering of generated passwords.
  • Built-in module to check for program updates.
  • Built-in multi-language support mechanism based on INI text files with UTF-8 encoding. To write subsequent language versions, an ordinary text editor is sufficient, e.g. the system Notepad.
  • The program is portable: it does not use the system registry, and all configuration data is saved in one INI file located in the program directory. The program can be copied to an external disk and used on another computer without any installation.
  • The program is completely free, for private and commercial use.

How to uninstall?

PSGen application is distributed in the form of archive and does not require any special uninstall process. To uninstall it, just delete files previously extracted from the archive.

End User License Agreement

This program is completely free. You can use it without any restrictions, also for commercial purposes.


Version 1.0 (2019.11.25)

Initial release.

Previous versions

PSGen 1.0 64-bit
Release date: 2019.11.25
File size: 1.7 MB
SHA-256 checksum: 02c7f76eeec34efd86dfc168eb23dd3a441ffc37c2b40c58654b199fcbed58db
PSGen 1.0 32-bit
Release date: 2019.11.25
File size: 1.2 MB
SHA-256 checksum: e1908e543d78516b478ca9b8925689d7352a908631f608592aeb5293c56e7132